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Freudian Slippers  - #7504190

Freudian Slippers

The Unemployed Philosophers Guild

What came first, the slippers or the corny pun? We're not entirely sure but we do know Freudian Slippers are incredibly amusing and seriously comfy. Yes, we realise depicting a cartoon-ish image of the father of psychoanalysis on a pair of fluffy slippers is pretty dumb, but who cares about that when you're analysing the movement of your big toe as it pokes out of the good professor's piehole like a tongue. This is seriously crazy footware folks. SMALL= 6-9.5 womens (6-8 mens) MEDIUM= 10-11.5 womens (8.5-11 mens) LARGE=12+ womens (11.5-14 mens)

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