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Adopting Course Materials

The McMaster Campus Store strives to inspire innovation and discovery through the delivery of accessible educational materials in partnership with the Academic community, positioning students for success. The Campus Store is open for in-store shopping with safety protocols in place. Students can also shop online with both pick up and shipping options. As we prepare for the Spring/Summer 2022 term, we continue to prioritize making both print and digital options available wherever possible, so students can select the option that best suits their learning style and budget. Please see below for information on submitting a course adoption for the upcoming term.

Here's how you can assist us in sourcing materials for your course

2022 Course Adoptions:

    Submit a Course Adoption to the Campus Store:

    Email and include:

  • Instructor name and email address
  • Course information (code, section, estimated enrollment)
  • Book information (ISBN, author, publisher, edition)
  • Is the book required or optional?

    Custom Courseware Update (Spring 2022):

    In spring 2021 the University Library became the first point of contact for courseware.  Over the last year, the Library has successfully transitioned the majority of courseware content over to the Library's new eReserves program adding over 1,500 individual readings/links to the electronics reserve collection.  As of April 30th, the Library will no longer be coordinating courseware, but will be focusing on growing and expanding the eReserves program.  If you would like to learn more about the eReserves program or any other Library service, please visit the Library's eReserve Website.

    Physical book, digital materials, lab kits, goggles, etc.  The Campus Store is here to assist with locating the course materials you require for your course.  Did you previously create a coursepack and are looking for an alternative?  We're always here to help.  Please reach out to the Course Materials team at

    Adopt Required Supplies
    Fill out our Required Supplies Adoption Form to request items such as lab coats, lab kits, goggles, calculators, lab books, etc. for your course. We want to ensure that we have these on hand if your students required them for your course.

    Everybody wins when you:

    Adopt early. The mission of the Campus Store is to provide required course materials at the lowest prices possible.  To that end, we encourage Faculty to adopt their books as early as possible and to consider low cost alternatives.

    Support the use of your chosen course materials to your students.  By stressing the importance of purchasing your course materials and utilizing them as much as possible throughout the course, sell-through of these materials will increase which minimizes the amount of stock returns to the publishers and saves the university valuable dollars.


Textbook Adoption General FAQ
Frequently asked questions about adopting textbooks and electronic course materials.

Publisher Representatives

Contact information for the major publishers to aid faculty in the choosing of new textbooks and ordering desk copies.

Contact the Course Materials Team

Fiona O'Connor, Course Materials Manager
Cathy Overeem, Course Materials Buyer
Karin Stonehouse, Course Masterials Buyer
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 21913.

Cheryl Sinclair, Required Supplies Buyer
Phone: 905-525-9140 ext. 22629

Adopt a Coursepack - Please contact the Library

Suggested Course Material Submission Dates:

Fall June 1
Winter October 1
Spring/Summer March 1