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Suggested Course Material Submission Dates:

Fall - June 1 
Winter - October 1 
Spring/Summer - March 1 

Adopting Course Materials

What We Can Do For You

  • Send adoption reminder e-mails
  • Ensure that your academic materials are in-stock and accurate for all of your courses
  • Liaise with publishers on your behalf regarding editions, pricing and peripheral materials
  • Help you create customized course materials through liaison with publishing representatives, access copyright and the print center
  • Profile our McMaster authors
  • Save you money with your departmental account The Campus Store pays the HST on internal sales when you pay using your departmental account.
  • Supply custom crested products for conferences and departments.

What You Could Do For Us

  • Adopt early the mission of the Campus Store is to provide required course materials at the lowest prices possible.  To that end, we encourage Faculty to adopt their books as early as possible and to consider low cost alternatives.

    Spring/Summer 2019 Course Adoptions: The adoption form we have been using has been retired by the vendor as of October 1st 2018. We continue to work on developing a new adoption platform. We apologize that it is not available yet, and we appreciate your patience.

    Textbook Adoptions:
    Please email and include:
    Course information (code, section, estimated enrollment)
    Book information (ISBN, author, publisher, edition)
    Is the book required or optional?

    Custom Courseware Adoptions:
    Please email and include:
    Course information (code, section, estimated enrollment)
    Is the courseware required or optional?
    Are you re-adopting previous courseware, or creating new courseware?

  • Support the use of your chosen course materials to your students.  By stressing the importance of purchasing your course materials and utilizing them as much as possible throughout the course, sell-through of these materials will increase which minimizes the amount of stock returns to the publishers and saves the university valuable dollars.

What We Can Do Together For Students

The most important issues for students regarding their course materials are cost and value.  By working together, we can ensure price choices through used books, buybacks, custom coursepacks, textbook rental, and digital alternatives.  Supporting course materials throughout the duration of the course will assign a sense of value to those materials.


Textbook Adoption General FAQ
Frequently asked questions about adopting textbooks and electronic course materials and McMaster's new Online Adoption System.

Courseware Adoption FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the preparation of Custom Coursepacks.

Copyright Information
Copyright guidelines for the adoption and production of Custom Coursepacks.

Publisher Representatives

Contact information for the major publishers to aid faculty in the choosing of new textbooks and ordering desk copies.


Contact the Course Materials Team

Fiona O'Connor Course Materials Manager ext. 22627
Cathy Overeem Course Materials Buyer ext. 22628
Amber Dawkins Course Materials Buyer/Courseware Coordinator ext. 22621
Karin Stonehouse Course Materials Buyer ext. 27366
Cheryl Sinclair Required Supplies Buyer ext. 22629