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7 Tips for Buying Textbooks

  • 1. Confirm your course materials (textbooks) from the course syllabus
    Your professor will be provide a course syllabus outlining what textbooks and/or required materials you'll need for the course. This material will be available on the course website or provided by the professor.
  • 2. Consider all the options
    Does the course require a package available only new or a standalone textbook? NEW printed textbook. USED textbooks are available for a large number of courses and their prices are 25% to 35% less than NEW. Digital version or alternative - eText or digital bundles (eText with assessment) these 25% to 35 % less than the print or print/eText package. Consider if the required materials include a digital component what is the price difference between USED textbook and digital standalone and the new package.
  • 3. Wait to buy your books but don’t wait too long
    To ensure students have ample opportunity to purchase their course materials, the Campus Store stocks these materials for the first eight weeks of term. At this point, the store begins to send any remaining materials back to the Publishers, unless we've been notified by a professor that they will be used in an upcoming term. This enables us to begin preparing, sourcing, and stocking materials for the next term. You want to ensure you're prepared for class so please don't wait until the day before your exam to purchase your course materials. Chances are that if you come in the day before your exam we will not have a copy of your textbook in stock. Be reasonable; you have known since the first day of class the exam was coming. It’s your responsibility to be prepared.
  • 4. Keep your books in good condition until you are sure you will be using them
    Each and every semester we have students who try to return “new” books that have been read, the spine is cracked, they are highlighted, dog-eared, or generally look like they have been dropped in a puddle and run over by a truck. Once you damage a book it is considered used. We can’t sell it for the new price if it is used and it is unfair to expect other students to bear the cost of your damaged textbooks. See the Campus Store refund policy. Textbook Refund Deadline: The textbook refund deadline can be found on the Refund Policy page.
  • 5. Visit the store at off peak hours
    When visiting the store in person during term start-up, the best time to shop is when the store first opens or near store closing. During the day, you may want to consider timing your visit for just before classes let out, to avoid a rush of people. The Campus Store has extended hours at the beginning of each semester. See Campus Store hours for all locations.
  • 6. Be ready with your book list
    Your best strategy for getting through the textbook buying process quickly is to be prepared by having your book list printed out before you come in the store. The Campus Store has staff on hand to help you find everything on your list and answer any questions you may have.
  • 7. Digital Course materials are available for purchase 24/7 on the Campus Store website
    Digital course materials for each term are always available for purchase on the Campus Store website and are not sold in store. Late night studying? You will have access to the materials moments after completing your purchase no matter what time of day the purchase is made.