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Sponsored Students

Buying Course Materials Through a Sponsorship

Payment Options for Sponsored Students

The Student charge account is the recommended payment method for sponsored students to obtain any course materials. The ability to charge to a student account is automatically enabled for all McMaster students once they are registered. This account allows charges from the Campus Store to a maximum of $1500 both in-store and online. Students are responsible for providing their sponsor with detailed receipts, if required, as only the total of the charges appears in the student account.

For students the use of the student account ensures they have immediate access to their course materials and for the sponsoring agency it simplifies the process as they only have one point of contact at the University for financial matters instead of having to deal with multiple offices. For more information on student charge accounts visit our Student Card FAQ page.

Sponsored students who are not registered McMaster students i.e. MoMac students, cannot charge to their student account so they will need to make alternate arrangements with their sponsor.

If you require additional information about obtaining course materials for sponsored students please email