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The Campus Store - Your Digital Concierge

Resources and functional expertise to assist faculty with sourcing and identifying digital resources for their course

The Campus Store Course Materials team works in partnership with instructors to source the digital materials they require for students to be successful in their class. This includes both paid and FREE content.

Robust digital delivery platform

Faculty have access to digital materials through our online platform Campus EBookstore Inc (CEI) - our online platform gives faculty access to over 302,00 digital resources (and growing) from e-texts to access codes to OER materials.

  • Platform was created by, and is operated under the direction of, independent Campus Stores from 22 of the largest Universities in Canada.
  • Currently is the platform of choice for 67 Institutions across Canada (Colleges & Universities), enabling the Campus Store at each institution to seamlessly deliver digital content.
  • Supports the distribution of FREE OER materials and FREE public domain titles to students.
  • Supports the distribution of dynamic content and interactive course materials with agreements in place with the majority of Canadian publishers.
  • Is small publisher friendly, levelling the playing field by enabling smaller publishers to digitize their print materials.
  • All online sales are processed through the McMaster Campus Store website, ensuring all transactions are fully PCI compliant and that customer’s payment information is protected.
  • We protect the student’s privacy - contact information is never used for marketing purposes or shared with other entities.
  • Students can purchase and receive their digital materials within minutes, enabling them to shop and study at a time that works best for them.
  • We ensure students aren’t paying for materials they no longer need - If a student drops out of a course, we work with the publisher to issue a refund. Our digital platform facilitates the discussion, and once approved, the subsequent refund to the student’s original method of payment.

Committed advocates of digital material

Our Campus Store Course Material buyers continue to lobby publishers and vendors, on behalf of faculty, to make digital versions of print materials available wherever possible. For course materials that are not currently available digitally we have leveraged our relationships with publishers to ensure that they are loading digital content to our platform. Most of the large Canadian publishers have partnerships with Campus eBookstore Inc. (CEI). For those vendors who do not, we are actively working on making materials available through our custom publishing service.


Digitized custom courseware

The Campus Store works in partnership with Media Production Services (MPS) to offer custom courseware in a digital format.


Facilitate access for students through our online booklist

If digital resources are not available through the Campus Store, we will provide all information needed in the booklist for students to access their required course materials elsewhere. We are committed to ensuring that students have the materials they need to succeed, regardless of where these materials are purchased.


Support for Student Accessibility Services (SAS) and Library Accessibility Services (LAS)

Wherever possible we work with Student Accessibility Services and Library Accessibility Services to ensure they have the materials needed to provide accessible formats to students they work with. We utilize our relationships with publishers and vendors to assist in securing materials and in many cases provide the materials themselves to assist SAS and LAS.


We need your assistance in spreading the word

Share our digital platform - to assist in finding a suitable digital resource for McMaster courses. An email from the Instructor to will make this resource available to students via the Campus store website.

Encourage faculty to submit their course adoptions - via email to Our Course Materials Team is here to help and can do much of the legwork needed to identify digital resources for instructors. Most of our adoptions arrive just a week or two prior to the start of term. The sooner we have the adoptions in hand, the sooner we can work on ensuring we can provide access to a digital resource for the course.

Ensure Mosaic is updated with instructors and cancellations – the Course Materials Team relies on the information populated in Mosaic around course information and instructor contact information. As instructors are hired and courses are cancelled, please ensure that information is provided in Mosaic.

Let us know what else we can do! Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or suggestions for how we can best support your department. We want to use our resources to support teaching and learning on campus, we are happy to help in any way we can.

Campus Store Contacts

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Suggested Course Material Submission Dates:

Fall June 1
Winter October 1
Spring/Summer March 1