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A BRAND NEW and exciting format that combines the relaxing therapy of an adult coloring book with a decision-based and engaging story. Your choices determine how the story unfolds and which intricately illustrated image you color next. Will you color your way through a calming, comforting, safe tale, or will you leave the familiar behind and just Fucking Go For It?

YOU choose your path in this unique coloring adventure! We've all been there: The annoying boss. The pushy neighbor. The lackluster job. Asshole birds.

But the question is, what are YOU going to do about it?

Fucking Go For It combines the chaotic fun of a modern-day adventure story with the creativity and relaxation of an adult coloring book. Color your path to safety and your comfortable ordinary life or make the leap and pencil in the adventure of your dreams - Your decisions. Your story. Your art.

So, grab those colored pencils, make your choices, and just Fucking Go For It!

60+ PAGES TO COLOR: There's over fifty scenes to color on the course of your wild adventure, offering hours of creative, stress-relieving entertainment

YOUR STORY, YOUR WAY: You get to choose your own path and colorful ending. Are you going to go with the flow and make safe, comfortable choices, or do you want to take a chance and live your best life? You decide!

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: Every page has a new surprise, bursting with detail

RELIVE YOUR ADVENTURE: After you complete your journey, you can go back and see how different decisions reveal new paths. You can only discover everything once the whole book has been colored!

RELAXING GIFT: Fucking Go For It is the perfect gift to help others on their path to artistic relaxation or to help them embrace chaotic coloring freedom!

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