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Scientific Stores

PPE Products

Scientific Stores and the Campus Store have been working in partnership with Strategic Procurement to leverage vendor relationships and explore alternate distribution channels to secure PPE items for the McMaster Community. All PPE items secured through these channels will be made available to researchers and the McMaster community through Scientific Stores, located in HSC 1G1. PPE products are not featured in the catalogues below, please email for pricing and availability

Research Supplies & Catalogues:

Scientific Stores carries a wide variety of supplies for research and office needs, including: Surface disinfecting wipes; dry ice; general storage chemicals; lab plastic/glassware; pipet tips; gloves, first aid kit supplies; blotting/chromatography filter/pH paper; RNase/DNASE-free micro tubes; Cryo-vials; and much more.

Please note PPE is not included in the catalogues below - to order please email

The preceding is a partial listing of our most popular items. Please contact the store to inquire about pricing and availability of items not listed in the catalogues above.
We also source research supplies not commonly carried in store, please contact the store to inquire about pricing and availability.

Ordering on a University Account

To place an order with Scientific Stores using a University Account – Email
Be sure to include:

  • List of products and associated quantities
  • Full MOSAIC chartfield account number to be charged
  • Employee Name & Employee ID number for person making the purchase (in the case of Research accounts this person will need to have signing authority or be a delegate on the account)
  • Orders can be shipped to labs or departments or picked up at Scientific Stores located (HSC 1G1) Please specify your preference when ordering and if applicable, include your campus address

Scientific Store Contact Details

McMaster Scientific Stores
Location: Health Sciences Campus Store, Health Sciences Centre (McMaster Hospital) HSC 1G1
Monday through Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm

Ordering Chemicals Cirect from Suppliers

Caledon Labs Logo

Caledon provides high purity solvents and chemicals for research, analysis and production.

VWR Logo

VWR International, LLC, is a global laboratory supply and distribution company.

Fisher Scientic Logo

To set up an account, contact or call customer service at 1-800-234-7437. You will need to provide your first and last names as well as a contact email and the specific room number, building and street address where your lab is located.
P-cards. How to charge Fisher Scientific products directly to your P-Card.

Please note that Fisher Fast does not accept PO #’s as a valid form of payment, as per instructions from McMaster Procurement department.

Millipore Sigma Logo

Millipore Sigma (formerly Sigma-Aldrich) is a leading Life Science and High Technology company that supplies biochemical and organic chemical products and kits.

Greenfield Global

Ordering Ethanol from Greenfield Global

McMaster account for delivery to 1200 Main Street West (Hospital Receiving) - C08680
McMaster account for delivery to 1280 Main Street West (Central Receiving) - C08681

Goods must be paid by credit card at time of order. Orders accepted by email only -

Please include the correct account number noted above along with the campus address where you would like the chemicals delivered. All chemcials will be delivered to central receiving facilities and redirected to your lab by either University or Hospital receiving staff (location dependant).

If you are ordering for a lab off-campus (TaARI, MIP, HHS hospital locations) you will need to apply for a license as per government regulations before you can place an order.
- Call CRA technical advisor 1-866-667-9851 for application forms.
- Forms must be submitted to Greenfield via the package sales email for the order to go through.

All other ethanol products (including denatured alcohols that don’t require licenses) are listed at


**Please be aware that some of these companies have US and Canadian versions of their websites. Be sure you are on the Canadian sites in order to get accurate pricing and availability.**
**Please be aware that some companies have minimum order requirements or case quantity requirements. Please check with individual companies prior to ordering.**