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Copyright Changes to Print & Digital Coursepacks and Avenue to Learn

As of December 31, 2015 McMaster opted not to renew their licence with Access Copyright.  The University is now working under the Fair Dealing provision of the Copyright Act and all copying must comply with the University’s Fair Dealing Policy

Fair Dealing Information for Instructors

The Fair Dealing provision in the Copyright Act allows us to reproduce short excerpts of a copyright protected work for the purposes of education.

Short excerpt means:

The Fair Dealing Policy changes the copyright procedures around what can be used in a coursepack.  The readings you have used in the past may not necessarily be used in future coursepacks.  If your selections exceed the Fair Dealing guidelines our department will negotiate and secure the necessary permissions and remit appropriate royalty payments. 

We make preparing your custom course materials easy:

We have no deadline for submissions.  Contact us for current production timelines.
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Custom Courseware Department
"Respecting Intellectual Property in the Academic Environment"