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Custom Courseware

Suggested timelines for submitting Custom Courseware adoptions:
Our suggested timelines for submitting your custom courseware in each term are:
Fall Term - June 1
Winter Term - October 1
Spring/Summter Term - March 1

Please note that will never refuse an adoption submitted after these dates!  Submitting your adoption as early as possible allows us the time needed to produce your courseware to ensure it will be available for students at the beginning of the term. 

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Custom Courseware Information for Instructors

Custom Courseware is a service that assists you in creating coursepacks. A coursepack is usually a compilation of scanned material from a variety of sources such as books, journals, lab notes, lecture notes, textbooks, websites, etc.,

Essentially, it is like having a textbook created specifically for your course that contains only the content students will need in your course.

We make preparing custom courseware easy:

  1. Submit a custom courseware adoption form

  1. Submit the materials you would like to include in your coursepack. You can send digital files to and/or drop off physical materials as well.  Please make sure you include all necessary bibliographic information for each reading.
  2. Include a list indicating the order in which you would like the readings to appear.
  3. We will take care of the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to create a new coursepack; what do I need to provide?

    First, please complete a courseware adoption form to provide us with all of the details we need to know about the courseware and the course. Next, submit the materials you would like to include in the coursepack. You can send digital files to and/or drop off physical materials as well. Please make sure you include all necessary bibliographic information for each reading.

  • I want to use my previous coursepack; do I need to bring in all my material again?

    We do not need you to submit material that has been used in previous terms. Coursepacks are stored digitally and so articles can be retrieved, rearranged and/or deleted in subsequent terms. You only need to submit material that has not been used before.

  • When should I submit my material?

    We always accept courseware material submissions and make every effort to have them on the shelf as soon as possible. However, the sooner you are able to bring in your material, the better. Turnaround time may not be as quick in August, December and April, as we are preparing for the upcoming semesters

  • Does reusing a previously adopted coursepack save time?

    The short answer is: it depends. While eliminating the need to scan materials saves time, clearing copyright, printing a coursepack and preparing digital files are still time-consuming activities. Because copyright is granted on a one-time basis and must be obtained each time material is being used in a course, it can take almost as long to produce a coursepack the second time around.

  • What kinds of materials can I include in a coursepack?

    There are many kinds of material that can be included in a coursepack: chapters of books, journal, magazine and newspaper articles, essays, plays, one chapter of a textbook, out-of-print material, a syllabus, lecture notes, lab worksheets, open access materials, assignments - it is really up to you.

    We encourage you to familiarize yourself with Fair Dealing Guidelines. Short excerpts of copyrighted works can be reproduced in coursepacks without additional copyright fees. If you would like to include materials that exceed Fair Dealing allowances, we will seek permission to reproduce those materials from the rights holder. Material that is found online is not necessarily free to reproduce and can only be reproduced if the terms of use allow it. If you would like to include these materials, add them to your reading list and we will verify whether it can be included, or seek permission to do so if needed

    For more information on copyright, see General Copyright Guidelines. If you have specific questions, please contact the Custom Courseware Department.

  • Do I need to obtain permission to use copyrighted material in a coursepack?

    Yes. We can reproduce materials that fall within Fair Dealing Guidelines. For materials that cannot be reproduced under Fair Dealing, we will seek permissions from the rights holder. We handle clearing all copyright for materials included in coursepacks. We will negotiate and secure all necessary permission for copyrighted materials and remit all appropriate royalty payments.

  • Should I include material that can be accessed online, such as e-journals?

    It is up to you. Students are often strapped for money, and charging them for material that they can access for free seems unfair. On the other hand, some students appreciate the convenience of having all of their readings compiled for them.

    Fortunately, we have a win-win solution. We can produce an optional coursepack in either a print or digital format that contains materials that are available online. The printed coursepack would be available to purchase and printed on demand for those students who wish to have a printed and bound copy of their course materials. We can also offer the same option for Open Educational Resources (OER) materials for students that would prefer to study from a printed resource.

  • Copyright has been cleared for all of the material in my coursepack; can I post this material online for my students?

    No, the coursepack cannot be posted online. The copyright clearance that is done for coursepacks applies to coursepacks only.

  • Can I proofread my coursepack?

    Yes. You may proofread your coursepack before we finalize production. If production timelines are critical, you may choose to waive the proofreading stage.

  • When will my coursepack be available for students to purchase?

    Our goal is to have all courseware on the shelves for the first day of class. You can help us achieve this by bringing your material in early! It takes time for us to clear a coursepack to ensure it meets Fair Dealing Guidelines or to apply for and receive copyright permission for materials that exceed Fair Dealing. After we have done the copyright work, the materials need to be scanned and the pack created (print or digital) before it can be proofread. The amount of time it takes to produce a coursepack depends on the materials it contains.

  • How many desk copies am I allowed?

    One complimentary desk copy is available, free of charge, for every 25 students enrolled in your course. If additional copies are required, they can be purchased.

Course Materials Buyer/Courseware Coordinator
Amber Dawkins
ext. 22621
"Respecting Intellectual Property in the Academic Environment"

Suggested Course Material Submission Dates:

Fall June 1
Winter October 1
Spring/Summer March 1